How Wallscapes Restore Tradition

How Wallscapes Restore Tradition

Remember the old beat-up pictures of the troops taking on a good working fire? How about the pin-ins, dive incidents, EMS plans with suppression, and EMS working together, saving lives?

These objects and traditions are all things that bring character to firehouses and department buildings. They remind us of the sacrifice of those before us and the call to honor them by answering the call to duty to the best of our ability.

Honor Graphics has another way of keeping that tradition alive with our custom and standard wallscapes for your firehouse. Our standard wallscapes are an affordable way to portray the call to duty of fire suppression and EMS.

If you have an idea of what you want to see, please email us. We want to help you keep the history and tradition alive while showing just what that work entails.

These graphics are not only for the members but for all who enter the firehouse.

Stay safe,
Steve Grabowski
Honor Graphics Director

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