Homewood Fire Department

Custom Dramatic Wallscape and Floor Graphic

Time Frame: ~3 Weeks

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Homewood Fire Department Testimonial

"The Homewood Fire Department thrives on the closeness of brotherhood. Our new wall mural embodies all of our important values of pride, duty, tradition, honor and the ultimate sacrifice. Each morning when we enter our bay we are reminded of those came before us and those who will come after us. The department is honored to have such a captivating piece of artwork located for all to see who enter our apparatus floor. The firefighters enjoyed going through old photos and choosing what they wanted to include on the wall. We made it a department effort so every man had a little ownership of what was chosen to represent Homewood Fire Department for all to see. A special emblem for Brian, our fallen brother, is included on the mural too. Keeping his memory alive on the wall was important to everyone and will always remain intact. Not only is the mural captivating because of its size, but fiscally, the mural was one third of the cost it would have been to paint the bare areas of the wall. Not to mention, installation took significantly less down time than we thought and only took one weekend to complete. Lastly, our firefighters love the fact the mural can be rotated with new images and design elements in years to come."

-Steven DeJong, Deputy Fire Chief
Village of Homewood Fire Department
Homewood, IL